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7/5/15- Do I give her a cell phone at age 7? 
     So the big question asked by many parents is whether to give their little ones a cell phone. Good question! Can all this technology be avoided, no and actually we’re benefiting from it all but it's also creating a lot more problems as all information is at your child’s fingertips and their brain is no longer creating synaptic connections because they're not out connecting to others, problem solving and being physical.
     Yes as a parent you can create boundaries with your child…you are the parent! “But mom Ashley has a cell phone!” You don't have to listen to these statements; as a parent you can develop your family values and morals. They learn from your concepts and model after you so if you're constantly on your phone, what do you think they're learning? That this is the way life works, interacting with the world through your phone and not learning how to express and create intimacy.
     “But I need to know if she's okay and if I need to pick her up earlier,” a parent says to me. Really?? Think about it, we didn't need to rely on cell phones 2 decades ago and it all worked out just fine, or even better! It's called using the school phone or even a friend’s phone. 
    If you can just imagine how much influence the Internet and being linked into that world has on your child, you don't know. If you think they're telling you everything or you know what they're doing and have “control,” you don't. And that's okay, you don't need to but just be aware of this point, you don't have control, but you have values and morals that you can instill in your child. 
     There is so much to go into and so many tangents with this subject but I just wanted to give you a little glimpse into this tech world…

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